Convenience Stores

Taipei has a convenience store around almost every corner.

The main ones are:

  • Seven-Eleven (7-11)
  • Family Mart
  • Hi Life
  • OK Mart
  • Simple Mart

By far the most numerous are 7-11 and Family Mart. However, all the convenience stores are very similar and offer pretty much the same goods and services for about the same prices.

They all have the things you’d expect to find in convenience stores, with many drinks, snacks or small items you may need such as stationary, toiletries or accessories.

The cost of these are generally more expensive than supermarkets or regular shops.

They also serve hot drinks and food, with the coffees not too bad and cheap compared with coffee shops. They have microwaves too, should you buy something that requires heating.

The all accept Easycards as payment, and you can purchase them here if you forgot to get one when you arrived.

Convenience stores are also a place you can buy or pick up tickets for events or gigs. They have machines for this, which aren’t in English but you can ask a staff member to help you. You can also use these to print out things.

The staff here sometimes speak English but it’s entirely dependent on the store.

There’s usually seating in these too, but again it’s dependent on the store.

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