If you’re coming to Taipei to see many of the top attractions, a Taipei Fun Pass is a great option.

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What is a Taipei Fun Pass?

Taiwan Fun Pass
Taipei Fun Pass

A Taipei Fun Pass is a contactless smartcard with four variations, offering free entry to many top attractions both in and around Taipei.

Two of the Fun Pass types include free use of public transport, which include the tourist shuttle buses that travel to attractions outside of Taipei.

All of them also include discounts for many shops, restaurants and other attractions.

Taipei Fun Pass Types

The four types of Fun Pass are:

  • Unlimited – Free entry to 25 top attractions and free public transport (MRT, city buses and tourist shuttle buses)
  • Exploring – Free entry to 23 attractions; can be used as Easycard
  • Classic – Free entry to 3 attractions; can be used as Easycard
  • Transport – Free use of MRT, city buses and tourist shuttle buses

The main differences between the Unlimited and Exploring Fun Passes, are the Unlimited gives you free entry to Taipei 101 Observation deck, National Palace Museum, Maokong Gondola, and free use of public transport. The Exploring Pass has none of these.

These can be purchased for use during a fixed number of days:

It is currently cheaper to purchase Fun Passes directly from their website. You can save NT$300 per fun pass this way!

1 DayNT$1,500NT$180 (NT$350*)
2 DaysNT$1,900NT$650NT$310
3 DaysNT$2,200NT$850NT$440
4 DaysNT$1,050
5 DaysNT$700
14 DaysNT$950

* Includes Maokong Gondola Cable Car rides

Taipei Fun Passes can be purchased from Klook and picked up at Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1 or 2. See this post for locations of Klook booths at both terminals.

Unlimited Fun Pass

The Unlimited Fun Pass does offer substantial savings if you intend to visit most of the attractions available (see below for complete list). If you were to visit every attraction, it could save you over NT$5,000 ($150).


Exploring Fun Pass

The Exploring Fun Pass doesn’t include many of the top attractions, such as Taipei 101 or the National Palace Museum. This is preferable if you have kids or you intend to visit museums/art galleries. Potential savings with this are over NT$2,500.

Click here to order an Exploring Fun Pass from Klook

Exploring Fun Passes are not currently available from Klook

Transport Fun Pass

I would only recommend the Transport Fun Pass if you plan on travelling a lot, while also making use of the Tourist Shuttle Buses. However, you can also include tickets for the Maokong Gondola with the 1 day pass, which does save you extra.

Otherwise, getting an Easycard will work out cheaper.

Only 1 or 2 day Transport Fun Passes can be purchased via Klook.


If you want to order 3 or 5 day travel fun passes, you’ll need to get them from here.

Classic Fun Pass

I would not recommend the Classic Fun Pass. You can instead purchase a Taipei 101 Observatory + National Palace Museum Combo Ticket for only NT$820 (and purchase an Easycard separately) for less.

Click here to purchase a Combo Ticket from Klook

Taipei Fun Pass Attractions

The attractions that can be used for each card type are listed below. I’ve separated them into 3 sections for each area:

  • Taipei City – Found in the centre or within a few stops, and easily accessible by bus or MRT
  • New Taipei City – Accessible by MRT but outside of the city. All these are located in the northern Tamsui and Beitou districts of New Taipei City
  • Outside Taipei – Only accessible by the Tourist Shuttle Buses. See this section for more information

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Taipei City

Price (NT$)
Taipei 101 Observatory600Y
National Palace Museum (all 3 buildings)350Y
Chiang Kai-Shek Residence100Y
Maokong Gondola240Y
Taipei Zoo60YY
Taipei Children’s Amusement Park30Y
Taipei Astronomical Museum40Y
National Taiwan Science Education Center100Y
Miniatures Museum200Y
Fine Arts Museum20YY
Museum of Contemporary Arts50YY
The Lin Family Mansion80YY
Miramar Ferris Wheel150 – 200YY
Free Public Transport100 – 300Y

New Taipei City

Price (NT$)
Tamsui Historical Museum (inc. Fort San Domingo)80YY
Tamsui to Fisherman’s Wharf Ferry60YY
Fisherman’s Wharf to Tamsui Ferry60YY
Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology *80Y
Lovers’ Tower200YY
Beitou Museum100YY

* Also requires a ferry ride to Bali District from Tamsui

Outside Taipei

AttractionBus RouteOriginal
Price (NT$)
Yehliu GeoparkCrown North Coast80YY
Gold MuseumGold Fulong80YY
Juming MuseumCrown North Coast80YY
Heping IslandCoastal Keelung350YY
Sky Lantern Police StationMuzha– Pingxi150YY
National Museum of Marine Science & TechnologyCoastal Keelung200YY

* Located in the south of Taiwan

Other Discounts

All of the Fun Passes will also get you discounts or free items for certain purchases.

The types of places that have these deals include:

  • Restaurants
  • Gift shops
  • Massages & Spas
  • Museums & Theatre
  • Hotels

Click here for a list/map of the stores participating in this scheme

Tourist Shuttle Buses

If you purchase either the Unlimited or Travel Fun Passes, you’ll get unlimited rides on the tourist shuttle buses that travel to the north and north-east of Taiwan.

To find out more about Tourist Shuttle Buses, read my guide

The shuttle buses have several other destinations on each route. Most of these are scenic areas, including waterfalls and Yangmingshan National Park.

Tourist Shuttle Bus Routes

The bus routes for the five tourist shuttle buses valid for the Taipei Fun Pass are:

Click a link to find out more about each Shuttle Bus route

The Beitou – Zhuzihu route travels the shortest distance (to Yangmingshan National Park), so it’s a good option if you want to see the rural side of Taiwan without travelling very far.

Note that for the Gold Fulong and Coastal Keelung bus routes, you will need to take a train first to either Keelung Train Station or Ruifang Train Station. Alternatively, you could take the Crown North Coast route from Tamsui MRT to Yehliu Geopark, and take a local bus or taxi to Waimushan (it’s about a 15 minute journey from the Geopark).

You could also take the Gold Fulong and Coastal Keelung routes in one trip, since their start and end locations are close to each other.

Useful Information

  • Download this very useful PDF file, with information about each attraction, suggested itineraries and maps
  • Taipei Fun Passes ordered on Klook can be picked up in both terminals at Taoyuan airport. See this section of my Transport Guide for locations
  • Taipei Fun Passes are valid for the number of days after first use. E.g. a 2-day fun pass will be valid on the first day of use and the next day until midnight. So make sure you first use it early in the day!
  • The following attractions require you to redeem your admission pass prior to entry, otherwise you will be double-charged!
    • Maokong Gondola
    • Miramar Entertainment Park
    • Taipei Zoo
    • Heping Island Park
    • National Museum of Marine Science & Technology
  • Customer service:
    • Email: taipeifunpass@fontrip.com.tw
    • Phone: 03-5910052

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Klook Pass Taipei

Klook have their own version of a Fun Pass that is more flexible than the Taipei Fun Pass.

There are several options to choose from, including many attractions that aren’t on the standard Fun Passes.

Additionally, the Klook Fun Pass is very flexible, giving you 30 days to activate your pass after you have purchased it, then once activated, you will have a further 30 days in which to visit the attractions.

Attractions on this Fun Pass not found on the Taipei Fun Passes include:

  • Taipei Double Decker Sightseeing Bus
  • Leofoo Village Theme Park
  • i-Ride Taipei Flying Cinema Experience Center
  • Beitou Spring City Resort Hot Springs Experience

There are up to 21 attractions available which you can change depending on your preference. You can also add the Jiufen One Day Tour to this, which includes round-trip coach seats to the beautiful Jiufen township on the north coast.


Conclusion – Which Should You Buy?

Now of course, choosing the right Fun Pass for you is largely dependent on your circumstances.

If this is your first visit to Taipei, then you cannot go wrong with the Unlimited version, although I wouldn’t recommend getting the 1 day option, since you won’t have time to see most of the pricier attractions in a single day. The 2 or 3 days options are much better value-for-money.

If you are visiting Taipei for a week or more, then the Klook Pass is the best option since it’s valid for 30 days after activation. If you’re intending on taking the sightseeing buses, you can also purchase the optional extra for this with the Klook Pass.

If you want to keep your options open, then the Travel Fun Pass is the most flexible.

If this is not your first visit to Taipei, then the Exploring Fun Pass offers good value to see some less popular attractions.

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