There are many laundrettes scattered around Taipei, most of which are self-service. Opening hours tend to be from 09:00 – 21:00 during weekdays, closing at 18:00 on weekends. There are however many 24 hours laundrettes.

The self-service laundrettes have both washers and driers available. The majority of these will only accept NT$10 coins, so be sure you take plenty. They do usually have change machines that take NT$100 notes, although these can often be broken or empty, so I would recommend exchanging some money at a convenience store beforehand.

Taipei Laundrettes
Change machine

Most will have detergent and softener disposal machines also, usually priced at NT$10 per sachet.


The prices for using the washers vary from NT$40NT$120 depending on the size of the machine and laundrette location.

To use the washing machine, just put your clothes in, pour in detergent via the latch at the top, close the hatch and insert your NT$10 coins and press the start button. Some washing machines may also have a few settings but you can just use the default one.

Taipei Laundrettes

They’ll normally take around 30 minutes for a full cycle.


The driers cost around NT$10 per 6 minutes.

Taipei Laundrettes

The driers are also fairly simple to use. Insert a coin and press the button to the right, ensuring you select the one corresponding to the location of the machine (in this case, yellow for the top drier, blue for the bottom)

Taipei Laundrettes

Keep inserting coins, ensuring you press the same button after each coin.

The temperature can be changed by selecting one of the three buttons with the light. Left-most is high, middle is medium, right-most is low.

You can use Google Translate with camera mode selected to verify the settings if necessary.

30 – 40 minutes is usually enough to dry your clothes on the high setting.

There are also handy baskets available to help you move your washing.

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