The Taiwanese government have just introduced an incentive scheme called Lucky Land, with the aim of encouraging tourists to visit their beautiful country from mid 2023 until mid 2025.

Tourists visiting Taiwan between these dates have the chance to win one of 500,000 vouchers worth NT$5,000 (US$162) each on arrival, which can be redeemed during their stay.

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When is it Running?

The incentive scheme starts at 12:00 noon on May 1st, 2023, and will run until June 30th 2025.

Anyone whose flight arrives in Taiwan between these dates, and has registered for Lucky Land will have a chance of winning.

The 500,000 vouchers will be split up and released in batches each year:

250,000 vouchers150,000 vouchers100,000 vouchers

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Who is Eligible?

Any independent traveller who doesn’t hold a Taiwanese (ROC) passport and is visiting Taiwan for between 3 and 90 days during the period it runs.

An independent traveller is defined as anyone not on a tour group, and have not applied for any group-related travel incentives.

So basically, it’s open to virtually all tourists.

If you’re travelling as a family or in your own group, then each one of you can apply separately – you just need to ensure you use a different email address for each application.

I have also received confirmation from the organisers of the giveaway that there is no minimum age requirement, so you can even use your children’s details – although they’ll need to have their own passport number.

Finally, if you’re visiting Taiwan multiple times during the period of the draw, it’s perfectly fine to re-enter the draw separately on each visit.

How to Register & Claim


Visit their registration website to begin the process.

You can register between 1 and 7 days before your scheduled arrival date in Taiwan. It is not possible to register on the same day as your flight.

You must have already booked your flights before you register, as you’ll need to enter your flight details along with the following:

  • Full Name
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number
  • Arrival and Departure Flight Numbers
  • Arrival and Departure Dates
  • Email Address

You will also need to specify which type of voucher you would like to receive. See the ‘Lucky Land Vouchers‘ section below for further details about these.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be sent a QR code to the specified email address.


When you arrive in Taiwan, make your way to the arrival hall at any of these airports:

  • Taoyuan International Airport (Terminals 1 and 2)
  • Songshan International Airport
  • Taichung International Airport
  • Kaohsiung International Airport

Locate the Lucky Land prize redemption area (visit this page for exact locations) and scan your QR code to see if you’ve won.

If you’re a winner, you’ll need to supply them with the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Boarding Pass (don’t throw this away!)
  • Electronic Round-Trip Air Ticket

and they will immediately give you your NT$5,000 worth of vouchers!

Lucky Land Vouchers

There are 3 types of vouchers you can receive:

  • E-Ticket EasyCard
  • E-Ticket iPass
  • Accommodation Vouchers

You must specify which type of voucher you want when registering

Both the EasyCard and iPass e-vouchers offer similar incentives. These are smart cards that can be used in many locations, including most types of transportation, convenience stores, some supermarkets, malls and restaurants, and many other attractions including museums and Taipei Zoo.

Click here for a full list of applicable places to use an EasyCard
Click here for a full list of applicable places to use an iPass

You are limited by the amount you can spend with these – NT$1,500 for a single purchase and a maximum of NT$3,000 for same-day purchases. The e-voucher card may not be topped up, refunded, or returned, so you should try to use it up.

The Accommodation vouchers can be used to book rooms at participating hotels and B&Bs around Taiwan. You must book your stay from each hotel website (and not a third-party site such as

Click here for a full list of participating hotels along with links for each hotel website

You will be given 5 vouchers worth NT$1,000 each which can be used separately or together.

Which Type of Voucher Should you Get?

I don’t really understand how you can take advantage of the accommodation vouchers as you’ll have most likely already booked your stay, unless you only book your initial stay and keep your options open just in case you win.

If you decide to get the e-vouchers, you won’t have any trouble spending your NT$5,000 quota, even if you’re only in Taiwan for 3 days.

Personally, I would recommend getting an EasyCard as they’re the most widely accepted smart card in Taiwan.

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What is Your Chance of Winning?

Before the pandemic struck, Taiwan saw a record number of visitors during 2019 – with almost 12 million tourists.

However, since it’s re-opening in 2022, Taiwan has struggled to get tourists returning – hence why they’ve introduced this scheme, with which they’re hoping to attract up to 6 million tourists during 2023.

Now let’s do some very rough Maths.

Assuming that around 2 millions of these will visit before 1st May, when the tourist incentive scheme isn’t available, and then of the remaining 4 million, maybe half of these aren’t aware of the scheme and don’t register (which is a very conservative estimate), then that leaves 2 million.

If there are 250,000 vouchers available, you have about a 1 in 8 chance of winning. If there are more of you, then those odds will significantly improve.

This is for 2023 only, so in 2024 when there are only 150,000 vouchers available for the entire year, and 2025 when there are only 100,000 vouchers for 6 months, the odds will become worse by up to three-fold.

In other words, try to get to Taiwan in 2023. Not only do you have a good chance of getting some extra spending money, but you’ll also get to enjoy this beautiful country and the many delights it has to offer!

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