Admire the Beautiful Hsing Tian Kong Temple

Kuan Yu is the primary deity worshipped at Hsing Tian Kong Temple, who possessed great loyalty and justice among men. The God has thus become as famous as Confucius, and has also been honoured by the name Kuan En Zu – meaning saviour of the world.

Hsing Tian Kong Temple

Hsing Tian Kong Temple was one of three constructed by Master Hsuan Kung between 1956 and 1968. He hoped to provide devotees a spiritual place to worship the deity here.

People will come in their droves to pay their respect and ask for answers to important questions.

Hsing Tian Kong Temple

By throwing divination blocks (two wooden objects with one flat side) onto the ground, they will pose a question that only requires a yes/no answer.

How the blocks land will determine the answer:

  • One lands flat side up, the other rounded side up – ‘Yes’ answer
  • Both land rounded side up – ‘No’ answer
  • Both land flat side up – Uncertain

If the answer is uncertain, they will essentially throw again until a definitive answer is returned.

Hsing Tian Kong Temple

One of the most sacred temples in Taiwan, the Hsing Tian Kong Temple is a beautiful and tranquil place.


  • One of the most sacred temples in Taiwan


  • Difficult to reach, as it only close to the orange line

Traveller Tips

Ensure you are dressed appropriately

Hsing Tian Kong Temple Location

Closest MRT: Xingtian Temple Station (orange line – exit 4)

Located Nearby

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