Cinema on a Rooftop at Skyline Film

Skyline Film is an outdoor cinema showing films for just a few days each year.

Skyline Film Taipei

They normally show four films during two evenings over a Friday and Saturday. The weekend we were there, the film choices were all quirky but brilliant indie films:

  • Frank
  • Moon
  • Being John Malkovich
  • Ruby Sparks

Click here to see if the next films have been announced

Located on the rooftop of the Eslite shopping mall in the Xinyi shopping district, they have a nice set up.

Skyline Film Taipei

A good sized screen that although isn’t as clear as multiplex cinemas (mainly due to the light pollution from nearby buildings), it’s still a decent picture.

Skyline Film Taipei

They have speakers which are used during the commercials while you find your seats, but when the main event is on, they switch to wireless headphones, which was a shame because the sound from the speakers was great, the headphones not so. Still, they probably need to do this for licencing reasons.

Skyline Film Taipei

The seating at Skyline Film is fine, with comfortable deck chairs nicely laid out.

Included in the ticket price is a can of Budweiser beer and a small bag of popcorn. There is also a stand offering complementary green teas should a beer not be to your liking.

Even though it was night, it was the height of summer so consequently it was rather hot and humid, although it was bearable. I think if we’d gone for two films in a row it would have been too much.

You’ll need to ensure you’ve been to the toilet before the film starts, as they’re a bit of a trek to the 6th floor.

If you love cinema and want to watch a film in a unique setting with views of Taipei 101, then Skyline Film is definitely something you should try!

Skyline Film Taipei


  • Great setting
  • Top film choices


  • Can be very hot and humid during the summer
  • Sound through headphones not great


NT$450 each with free Budweiser and popcorn


See their Accupass web page for updates

Traveller Tips

The films don’t start until about 15 minutes after the scheduled start but it’s best to arrive early to guarantee seats near the front.

Skyline Film Location

Rooftop of the Eslite Mall in Xinyi
You need to find the elevators on the first floor in Eslite, near the CN Flowers shop. This is the only elevator that takes you to the 7th floor where the event is located.

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