10 Cafes Ideal for Taking Your Laptop

Even though Taipei has an almost infinite number of cafes, it can be difficult finding ones with enough seats, decent WIFI, and good plug socket availability. There are plenty of large Starbucks in the city, but these aren’t great for WIFI or plugs.

These are some of the best cafes to work from.

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Out of Office

Out of Office
LoadsGoodNear Walls

Out of Office is one of the largest cafes I’ve been to in Taipei (that’s not a Starbucks or Mr Browns). They state there are 220 seats here, and I can fully believe them. Many are suitable for working, although plug sockets are only found near some of the walls. Located at basement level, the lack of natural light may deter some people.

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Youmoutoohana Coffee

Youmoutoohana Coffee
LoadsVery GoodMany

Although their name is virtually impossible to pronounce, Youmoutoohana Coffee is ideal for working. Located just off Yongkang Street, it has many plugs, great WIFI and plenty of seating, plus it’s never too noisy and the music is largely unobtrusive.

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Café Costumice

Cafe Costumice
EnoughVery GoodMany

One of the coolest cafes in Taipei is also one of the best for working. Café Costumice even have four-way extension plugs on some tables, and their WIFI is fast. They have a great area outside for working too, although expect noise levels slightly higher than other cafes on this list.

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Yaboo Café

Yaboo Cafe
Not MuchVery GoodMany

If you prefer working in almost total silence, Yaboo Café is one of the quietest cafes to take your laptop to. Almost everyone here comes to work, but consequently you may have difficultly finding a seat. Plug extension leads can be provided, and the food and drink are both excellent.

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Avenue Fast Casual Eatery

Avenue Fast Casual Eatery
Enough Very GoodNot Many

More of an eatery than a cafe, Avenue Fast Casual Eatery welcomes people with laptops and provide a large western food menu to keep you going through the day. Although there is plenty of seating and great WIFI, finding a plug socket may be difficult.

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Campus Café

LoadsVery GoodNear some seats

Another place that’s more of an eatery than a café, Campus Café have a few locations in Taipei, although the only ones I would recommend taking your laptop to are the Zhongxiao, Zhongzheng and Neihu branches (added to map below). They’re spacious, have decent WIFI and have a large food and beverage menu should you become peckish. If you’re a fan of US Sport, they all have screens showing the latest games.

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Louisa Taipei
Location DependantGoodLocation Dependant

Louisa have dozens and dozens of cafes all around Taipei, although most of too small for working in. I’ve added many of the largest ones in my post to help you. Louisa is great if you’re on a budget, as their food and beverage range are excellent value.

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Other Cafes I Recommend…

Cho Café

LoadsGoodNear Walls

Located in Ximending, Cho Café serves nice drinks and has ample seating including many two-seaters and shared tables. Plug sockets can only be found near walls however but the WIFI here is also good.


Louisa Cafes in orange, Campus Cafes in yellow

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