Haloa Poke – Healthy & Tasty Hawaiian Bowls

Before coming to Taiwan, I was completely unaware what exactly a poke dish was. Now I’m here, I can’t get enough of them. Haloa Poke is one of a few poke places in Taipei, selling delicious and fresh Hawaiian bowls.

Haloa Poke

Located in the Zhongzheng district, very close to the 228 Peace Memorial Park, it’s a small place which gets much of its business from takeaways. There are a few seats inside however, which is one of the more modern and clean places I’ve eaten in.

Haloa Poke have a choice of four bowls. If none of these appeal, you can also make-your-own bowl.

The four bowls available contain either Salmon & Tuna, Chicken & Shrimp, Tuna & Chicken or Non-GM Tofu. All these come with a selection of vegetables, avocado sauce, and a choice of white/brown/half-and-half rice or mixed greens.

Haloa Poke

For the custom bowl, you get the same choice of bases, one choice of protein, 5 toppings, a sauce and a sprinkle.

Being my first visit, I went for one of the set bowls – the Chicken & Shrimp, with half-and-half rice.

Haloa Poke

Very neatly presented in a wooden bowl, with cute wooden cutlery and tray.

The vegetables they choose for your bowl will change according to the time of year, but I was happy with all the ingredients here. Everything was fresh and crunchy when it needed to be, and the chicken and shrimp were both succulent.

Haloa Poke

The sauce brought everything together along with the sprinkling of sesame. Maybe the only complaint was with the rather stingy amount of rice. I’m not a big eater, so it was fine for me but I’m sure others would disagree.

I suppose you could always customise your bowl instead, and add extra elements. The custom bowls cost NT$135, but you can top up with more rice or other items for a bit extra.

Think I’ll be doing that next time. The fresh ingredients, nice presentation and clean eating environment all add up to the best poke place I’ve been to in Taipei.

Delicious, fresh and healthy!



  • Fresh and tasty
  • Very clean environment


  • Not much seating
  • Probably won’t satisfy everyone’s hunger

Price: $$

Level of English: Good (English on menu)

Traveller Tips

I would advise getting an extra if you’re a big eater

Haloa Poke Location

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