Top Notch Smoothies and Waffles at Coffee Alley

Coffee Alley have a number of branches in Taipei and is a great place to go for a snack and drinks.

Coffee Alley Taipei

Serving a range of savoury dishes including sandwiches and salads, they also have some of the tastiest waffles we’ve had in Taipei.

They are exactly how they should be – thick, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Served with a very healthy (or unhealthy) portion of ice cream, fruit, sauce and cream – they deliver in giving you a devilish treat.

Coffee Alley Taipei

I’m often disappointed by many places who serve waffles in Taipei, as they are often quite lacking in waffle toppings. At Coffee Alley, they definitely don’t hold back on them. Easily enough toppings to ensure your waffles are always covered in goodness.

Coffee Alley’s drinks are equally as nice, with a range of coffees and teas, their smoothies are out of this world. The mango one we tried was a taste sensation, with pieces of mango and a chilly, thick and refreshing smoothie mix.

Coffee Alley Taipei

The large jug of iced fruit tea and rose latte served in a rather stylish mug and topped off with rose petals also hits the spot.

The grapefruit juice, freshly pressed and squeezed with a nice chuck of grapefruit is also divine.

Coffee Alley Taipei

Next time we’ll opt for one of their sandwiches, which come layered with meat or eggs and plenty of lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. Judging by what we saw the other diners eat, everything looked very tempting indeed.

Coffee Alley Taipei

If waffles and smoothies are your thing, then look no further than Coffee Alley. They deliver on both counts.

Coffee Alley Menu
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  • Very nice waffles
  • Nice space to relax


  • Service can be slow

Price: $$

Level of English: Good (English on menu)

Traveller Tips

Waffles, waffles, waffles….

Coffee Alley Locations

Zhongzheng Branch (Taipei Main – exit 1)
Daan Branch (Zhonxiao Dunhua MRT – exit 2)
Shilin Branch (Shilin or Jiantan MRTs)
Daan Branch 2 (Zhonxiao Dunhua MRT – exit 9)

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