See the Snakes at Huaxi Street Night Market

Located right next to Longshan Temple, the Huaxi Street Night Market has the usual night market fare, with loads of food and drinks choices. It also has dozens of massages and nail treatment stands .

A large part of the market is situated down a long indoor section, where you can even try snake, frogs and other more adventurous food.

One of the oldest and most famous dessert places can also be found here. Shaved Ice Huaxi sells various delicious shaved ice dishes, with a choice and fruit and bean toppings available.

Some stands do not have prices, and tend to charge more for foreign customers.


  • A large part of the market is indoors
  • Lots of good food options
  • Many cheap massages available


  • Snake served as the speciality?!

Traveller Tips

Starts at Longshan Temple, so you can combine the two


Closest MRT: Lonshan Temple Station (blue line – exit 2)

Located Nearby

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