Shaved Ice Heaven at Snow Bro

Snow Bro is a Taiwanese dessert place serving a variety of shaved ice dishes.

Snow Bro

I’m only aware of a couple of branches located in the Daan district but there could well be more. You can buy either classic shaved ice or a milky version mixed with condensed milk that is more fattening but delicious.

There are tonnes of toppings available, with the classic mango or other fruit toppings such as berries, or a variety of beans, lotus seeds or even Oreo, plus a few syrup options.

You just need to make sure you don’t eat them too quickly, as brain-freeze will often kick in!

Snow Bro’s shaved ice dishes are some of the best we’ve tried in Taipei.



  • Large selection of shaved ice
  • Very tasty


  • Not too many seats

Price: $$

Level of English: Ok (English on menu)

Traveller Tips

Mango shaved ice is a must try!


Daan Branch 1 (closest MRT: Technology Building – brown line exit 1)
Daan Branch 2 (closest MRT: Daan – red/brown line exit 5)

Located Near Branch 2

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