Grab some Grub at Ningxia Night Market

One of the smallest night markets in Taipei, Ningxia Night Market tends to specialise in food. Because of it’s size, it’s a night market not visited by many tourists but is very popular with the locals.

Ningxia Night Market

In fact, because it doesn’t tend to attract huge crowds, Ningxia Night Market was the one Ang Lee chose for Will Smith to visit during his stay in 2019.

All the locals favourite food can be found here, such as oyster omelettes, fried chicken, or the braised pork and rice, it’s a night market you should visit if you want have a more authentic foody experience.

There are four Michelin recommended food stalls found within Ningxia Night Market, locations of which can be found below:

Fang Chia Shredded Chicken on the RiceShredded chicken rice and caramelized onions
Liu Yu ZiDeep-fried taro balls with choice of fillings including egg yolk & pork floss
Rong’s Pork LiverPig liver with egg yolk, mushrooms and sticky rice balls wrapped in bamboo leaves
Yuan Huan Pien Oyster Egg OmeletteOmelette with oysters drizzled in sweet homemade hot sauce
Ningxia Night Market
Oyster Omelette

Ningxia Night Market does still has a few other stalls selling crafts and clothes, plus games that you’ll find at other night market, but it’s the food you should come here for.


  • Small queues
  • Good variety of food


  • Very compact night market

Traveller Tips

Come to this night market if you’re mainly after food


Closest MRTs:
Shuanglian Station (red line – exit 1)
Zhongshan Station (red line – exit 5)

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