Visit the Zones of the Collective Botanical Garden

The smaller of the two botanical gardens located in Taipei, the Collective Botanical Garden does however have a much wider range of plants, since it’s mainly located inside, with climate controlled zones featuring flora from around the world.

Taipei Collective Botanical Garden

The zones found inside are

  • Tropical
  • Subtropical
  • Temperate
  • Succulents
  • Alpine

As you walk through the huge greenhouse, you’ll start off in the tropical climate and walk through each of the zones.

Taipei Collective Botanical Garden

Tropical – high temperature, high humidity with mainly flora found in rain-forests.

Taipei Collective Botanical Garden

Subtropical – Making use of Taiwan’s native trees and shrubs to create a rich plant ecology.

Taipei Collective Botanical Garden

Temperate – grasses, conifers, deciduous trees and temperate fruit trees

Succulents – Desert plants, with over 500 succulent plants including many cacti.

Alpine – plants found over 3,500 meters in altitude able to withstand cold temperatures

There’s also a beautiful outdoor section devoted to native flora, with flowers, plants and a pond full of lilies.

Taipei Collective Botanical Garden

The Collective Botanical Garden was virtually empty when I looked around, so I was able to wander around at will. With no entry cost, and hundreds of plants to see, it’s certainly worthy of a visit.


  • Many varieties of plants
  • Usually quiet
  • Free


  • Much smaller than the Taipei Botanical Gardens

Opening Hours

09:00 – 17:00
Closed on Mondays and during national holidays



Traveller Tips

Visit as part of a walk I’ve devised.

If you like this, try the Taipei Botanical Garden


Closest MRT: Yuanshan Station (red line – exit 2)

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