Some Cool Cocktail Bars with a Nice Vibe

Taipei now has dozens of cocktails bars serving classic, bespoke, or cocktails with a local twist.

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A Train, B Line, C Park and D Town

B Line by A Train

Actually four bars all run by the same people, they all share a similar high standard, mixing some of the best cocktails in Taipei. All have a great ambience, with low-level lighting and comfortable seating, while their food is an equal to their excellent cocktails.

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Fourplay have two bars almost adjacent to each other, and have some of the most skilled mixologists in the city. Their cocktails, while being flashy, are definitely not style over substance.

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Woo Taipei

With an eclectic mix of cocktails and a good selection of food, Woo Taipei has an atmosphere and vibe that can’t be bettered in Taipei.

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