Vibrant Outdoor Drinking at the Ximending Outdoor Drinking Area

Taipei doesn’t have many areas where you can eat of drink outside, probably due to the heat, rain and mosquitos, but if you do want to brave the elements and enjoy a drink in the open, the Ximending outdoor drinking area is the best place to go in Taipei.

Ximending Outdoor Drinking Area

Located directly behind the Red House, the area includes several bars and a shared seating area, and is a popular hangout for the LGBT community.

The bars in this area include

  • Karen Bar
  • Sol Bistro
  • Commander
  • G-Paradise
  • Casa Bar

Some pink neon lighting and rainbows will give hints at the campness of the area, but for straight people it never feels like you’re unwelcome. In fact, the opposite is largely true, as the bar staff are generally friendly, and not pushy like bar areas in other Asian countries.

Ximending Outdoor Drinking

Drinks served here include standard lagers, and slightly more camp ones such as Hoegaarden Rose. Many cocktails can be purchased here and they’re actually not too bad.

You can also rent shishas in some of the bars, which come with flavoured tobacco.

Many of the bars also serve food, although I would recommend eating in the main Ximending area before you come here. You’ll find far more interesting food there.

Ximending Outdoor Drinking Area

During the summer months, the area has fans and vapour sprays to cool people down if the temperature is up.

The Ximending Drinking Area is a vibrant place over the weekend, and is the best place in Taipei to enjoy a drink outside.


  • Best area for outdoor drinking
  • LGBT friendly


  • Food isn’t great here

Traveller Tips

Ensure you have some mosquito spray handy

Ximending Outdoor Drinking Location

Closest MRT: Ximen Station (green/blue lines – exit 1)

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