The 5 Best Night (and Day) Markets in Taipei

Night markets are the main attractions in Taipei, but there are some great daytime markets here also. These are some of the best day and night markets you should check out during your visit to Taipei.

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Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market

The biggest and most touristic of all the night markets, Shilin Night Market offers something for everyone – if you can bear the crowds and queues. Shilin has the widest variety of stalls, including many games and even shrimp fishing.

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Expo Farmer’s Market

Expo Farmers Market

Only on weekends, the Farmer’s Market at the Expo Park is a daytime market that offers most things night markets do, plus they have many stands selling local produce sourced from all over Taiwan.

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Raohe Night Market

Raohe Night Market

While it cannot compete in terms of size with Shilin Night Market, Raohe is arguably the best night market to visit for food, and includes no less than five stalls that can be found in the official Michelin guide.

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Jianguo Flower & Jade Markets

Jianguo Flower Market

Occurring only during the daytime on weekends, the Jianguo Flower & Jade Markets are located adjacent to each other in the Daan district. Both are huge warehouses, one being devoted to flowers and all things flora, while the other sells crafts of all types, including many made of the precious jade.

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Tonghua Night Market

Tonghua Night Market

If you find the prospect of visiting the busy Shilin Night Market too much, Tonghua Night Market market is a good alternative – many locals rate Tonghua (aka Linjiang Street) as their favourite night market. There are some stalls here found on the Michelin Guide (click post for locations).

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