Bowls of Syrupy Goodness at Eastern Ice Store

One of the most established and famous desserts places in Taipei, the Eastern Ice Store sells soupy iced desserts that are a perfect way to cool down.

Eastern Ice Store

Open 11:00 to 23:00 every day, you’ll usually find a large queue of locals waiting to be served and seated. With everything priced at only NT$60, you can choose up to four toppings to add to a syrupy soupy mix packed with ice.

The toppings available at Eastern Ice Store include many types of beans, softened and sweetened vegetables such as taro and sweet potato, tapioca, peanuts and jellies. You can just point to your desired choices from the many trays at the counter.

After you’ve paid, you can take the bowl to the seating area next door to consume it.

Eastern Ice Store

The small pieces of ice within will quickly begin to melt, which isn’t really a problem since they’ll still remain cold and tasty. You also have the option to top up with more ice from a table next to the counter.

If you’ve tried and liked the shaved ice dishes, then you’ll no doubt like the deserts at Eastern Ice Store too. Refreshing and tasty treats that are very different to anything we have in the West.


  • Many choices of ingredients


  • Queuing likely
  • You’ll need to point to order

Price: $

Level of English: None (Some English on menu)

Traveller Tips

Perfect way to cool down

Eastern Ice Store Location

Closest MRT: Zhongxiao Dunhua (Blue line – exit 3)

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