Fly Over Taiwan at i-Ride Taipei

Located on the 6th floor within the newest Breeze Centre in the Xinyi Shopping District, the i-Ride Taipei is a 5D motion experience that takes you on a journey over either the USA or Taiwan.

You can choose between the two countries, or alternatively purchase a combo ticket where you can enjoy both. See Prices section for details.

iRide Taipei

The rides last for approximately 20 minutes. You’ll sit on seats designed to move and sway to the movements of the large curved screen that takes up your full vision, with wind, mist and even scent effects bombarding your senses as you journey through the mountains and valleys. The music has been specifically composed to match the landscapes in each scene.

We only tried the Taiwan ride but it was as thrilling as it was intriguing to see this beautiful country from the air. You’ll fly over the mountains in the centre, Taroko gorge, Taipei and many other beautiful parts of Taiwan that will give you a unique viewpoint of this beautiful island.

It’s certainly something different from anything else we’ve experienced in Taipei, and will no doubt return for the USA experience too.

iRide Taipei


  • Great for kids and adults alike


  • Quite difficult to find

Opening Hours

Sun – Wed: 11:00 – 21:30
Thurs – Sat: 11:00 – 22:00


TypePrice (NT$)Comments
350Taiwan students only
Consession240Children between 4-6, senior citizens or people with disability card
Combo699Try both the Taiwan and USA rides

You can also purchase tickets from Klook for only NT$400.

Click to take advantage of this offer.

Traveller Tips

Purchase the combo ticket for a good saving


Closest MRT: Taipei 101 Station (red line – exit 4)

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