Visit the Rose Garden and Maze at Xinsheng Park

Located in the north of Taipei city, Xinsheng Park is a little out of the way but there are a couple of other attractions worth visiting while you are here.

Xinsheng Park

The beautiful Lin An Ancestral House is just 5 minutes walk from the park, while the Collective Botanical Gardens can be found within the park and features five temperate zones within a large greenhouse.

Lin An Tai Ancestral House
Taipei Collective Botanical Garden

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Xinsheng park also has a lovely rose garden, although you’ll only find it in bloom during the spring months.

The best time to see the roses is during March and April.

There are hundreds of rose species in full bloom during these periods.

The garden maze is a good place for kids to run around, although the low height of the hedges does make it a challenge when it comes to hiding.

Dotted around the park are some nice buildings and monuments, and you’ll no doubt see lots a heron scouring the ground for worms.

Xinsheng park is a large and lovely area to walk around and is one of the nicest areas in Taipei to get away from the traffic noise of the city.


  • Collective Botanical Gardens located within the park


  • A 15 minute walk from the closest MRT
  • Most flowers can’t survive the heat of the summer

Traveller Tips

Make sure you visit both the Collective Botanical Gardens and Lin An Ancestral house.

See this as part of one of my walks.

Datong Route
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Closest MRT: Yuanshan (red line – exit 2)

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