Visit or Stay in the Majestic Grand Hotel

Whenever Taiwan plays host to important dignitaries or celebrities, The Grand Hotel is the place most will stay.

The Grand Hotel Taipei

Located near the Yuanshan area of Taipei, if you’re ever visiting the area you’ll find it difficult to miss, with it’s striking red classic Chinese architecture sitting high and proud in the Taipei skyline.

The Grand Hote

With over 14 storeys featuring over 500 rooms, it’s of course possible to stay here for a night or two, costing not as much as you would think. Many people come just to visit for a couple of hours to soak up the elegant surroundings and visit one of the restaurants here for lunch or afternoon tea.. The lobby is vast and impressive, and you’re free to walk around the lower corridors or explore the grounds.

You’ll notice photos on the walls of the guests who have stayed here – and it’s impressive. Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, and many US Presidents including Bill Clinton, to name just a few.

The Grand Hotel Taipei

There a few dining options should you wish to try some Chinese cuisine or an afternoon tea.

With so many rooms, they often struggle to fill them, so the cost of staying a night is very reasonable, costing only NT$3,000 if you book ahead.

The rooms are very spacious and all have large balconies with a great view of the city.

The Grand Hotel Taipei

But even if you don’t intend to stay here, The Grand Hotel is one of the most striking buildings in Taipei and one you should see from up close.


  • Enormous and impressive building


  • 15 minutes walk from the closest MRT

Traveller Tips

Why not book a night here?

There is a secret underground passage that leads from the hotel that was used as a safeguard to evacuate important guests. It also contains the largest secret slide in the world! This is now open to the public as a tour.

The are some great hiking trails near the hotel.

The Grand Hotel is part of the Sightseeing Bus tour.


Closest MRT: Jiantan Station (red line – exit 2)

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