Where to Find Every Michelin Food Stand at Every Night Market in Taipei

Since 1997, the Michelin Guide has been awarding the Bib Gourmand, aimed at recognising a simpler style of cooking that’s easy to eat whilst also being affordable.

As of 2022, there are a total of 24 food stands found at 8 night markets in Taipei that have been recognised as delivering high quality snacks for a reasonable price.

Three of these night markets – Raohe, Linjiang Street and Nanjichang – have four Bib Gourmand food stands in each.

I’ve added a map for each night market below to help you find these, although the long queues extending from each is also a giveaway! It’s best to visit these soon after the night markets have opened to give yourself a good chance of avoiding the worst queues.

If you tap on the square symbol in the top-right corner of a map, it will add the locations of the food stands to Google Maps so you can find them more easily.

To find out more about each food stand I would recommend reading this article.

I’ve also included some stands that are either recommended by the Michelin Guide or by me personally – some of these are more child-friendly (but still delicious!).

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Raohe Night Market

Fuzhou Black Pepper Bun
Fuzhou Black Pepper Bun
BibA Kuo Lu WeiLuwei style duck wings, crispy intestines, and baby corn
BibBeef Noodles and Beef Entrails SoupExactly as it sounds. Side dishes are also highly recommended here
BibChen Tung Pork Ribs Medicinal Herbs SoupHerbal soup that contains pork ribs
BibFuzhou Black Pepper BunBlack pepper bun filled with pork and spring onion
Mochi BabySweet gooey Japanese rice cakes with choice of fillings

Colours match those on the map below

Closest MRT: Songshan Station (Green Line – Exit 5)

Linjiang Street Night Market

Yu Pin Yuan Iced and Hot Tangyuan
BibLiang Chi Lu WeiDishes include braised cow stomach, duck wings, seaweed, and dried tofu
BibLo Chi Hsiao ChaoStir-fried dishes including fried lamb, beef, and clams
BibTien Hsiang Stinky TofuFried and very pungent tofu
BibYu Pin Yuan Iced and Hot TangyuanHot and sweet glutinous rice dumplings served on shaved ice
Golden Fried ChickenTempura chicken fried to order

Closest MRT: Xinyi Anhe (Red Line – Exit 3)

Nanjichang Night Market

Sung Ching Taiwanese Burrito
BibA Nan Sesame Oil ChickenVermicelli and chicken legs in a warm, sesame oil and ginger broth
BibStinky Tofu BossExtra stinky tofu in a bamboo basket with sweet basil
BibSung Ching Taiwanese BurritoRoll filled with bean sprouts, radish, shredded carrots, braised pork, crushed peanuts and cilantro
BibUnnamed Clay Oven RollSesame seed coated buns and sweet, flaky pastry filled with red beans or sugar

Closest MRT: Xiaonanmen (Green Line – Exit 3)


Shilin Night Market

Hai Yu Pork Ribs (source: Michelin Guide)
BibChung Chia Sheng Jian BaoCabbage or pork-filled pan-fried stuffed buns
BibGood Friend Cold NoodlesCold noodles dressed in a thick, rich sesame paste and julienned cucumbers
BibHai Yu Pork RibsHerbal soups with herbal-stewed pork ribs
Prince Cheese PotatoDeep fried jackets smothered in melted cheese with a choice of toppings
A Hui VermicelliVermicelli soup with pork chitterlings or cuttlefish

Closest MRT: Jiantan (Red Line – Exit 3)

Ningxia Night Market

Fang Chia Shredded Chicken on the Rice
BibFang Chia Shredded Chicken on the RiceShredded chicken rice with caramelized onions
BibLiu Yu ZiDeep-fried taro balls with various fillings including pork floss and egg yolk
BibRong’s Pork LiverPig liver with egg yolk, fresh mushrooms and sticky rice balls wrapped in bamboo leaves,
Yuan Huan Pien Oyster Egg OmeletteOmelette with oysters drizzled in homemade sweet hot sauce
Jamie Peanut Roll Ice CreamWrap with ice cream, shaved peanuts and corriander

Closest MRT: Shuanglian (Red Line – Exit 1)


Yansan Night Market

Da-Qiao-Tou Tube Rice Pudding
BibCabbage Rice and Pork Rib SoupPork rib soup with moist cabbage rice
BibDa-Qiao-Tou Tube Rice PuddingSticky rice tubes with a choice of lean or fatty pork and spicy sauce
BibShih Chia Big Rice BallGlutinous rice balls filled with pork, served in a warm, salty soup with green onions and shallots

Closest MRT: Daqiaotou (Orange Line – Exit 1)

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Gongguan Night Market

Lan Jia Traditional Taiwanese Snack
Lan Chia Guabao
BibHsiung Chi Scallion PancakeFried dough that’s mixed with scallion and beaten until fluffy, with a choice of fillings
BibLan Chia GuabaoFatty pieces of braised pork, ground peanut, coriander and shredded pickle
Ho’s Sweet Potato BallsLight and crispy fried sweet potato balls

Closest MRT: Gongguan (Green Line – Exit 1)

Huaxi Street Night Market

Hsiao Wang Steamed Minced Pork with Pickles in Broth
BibHsiao Wang Steamed Minced Pork with Pickles in BrothMinced pork and preserved pickles served in a clear broth served with meatballs

Closest MRT: Longshan Temple (Blue Line – Exit 1)

Night Market Locations

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