Enjoy a ‘Crap’ Meal at Modern Toilet

Modern Toilet is probably the only restaurant of it’s kind. A toilet themed restaurant. I’m not sure who had the bright idea of combining these two rather disparate things, but for amusement factor, it scores highly.

Modern Toilet in Ximending is now permanently close. However, the Shilin restaurant is still open

Let’s get one thing straight. The food here is mediocre at best, and I would definitely not have included this if it wasn’t for the novelty factor. They’ve actually done a rather fine job of bringing the humour from the bathroom into the dining room.

Modern Toilet Taipei

Toilets as seats, poo shaped food, or meals served in a miniature toilet. A button on each table you can ‘flush for service’.

Even the toilet sink is a cherub peeing into a toilet!

Modern Toilet Taipei

If your stomach and brain can handle the concept of eating out of a toilet, or drinking out of a urinal bottle (although glasses are also provided), then it’s certainly worth checking out Modern Toilet. Even though the food isn’t amazing, it’s a decent enough meal.

One thing you must try though it the Swirly Poop Ice Cream, especially if you’re with kids.

Modern Toilet Taipei

There are two restaurants, both within the very touristic areas of Ximen and Shilin. We only went to the Ximen one, which I hear is much better than the other.

For humour factor alone, Modern Toilet is one to visit, especially if you have kids.

Modern Toilet Taipei


Modern Toilet Menu


  • You won’t find another restaurant like it


  • Food is average

Level of English: Good (English on menu)

Price: $$


Traveller Tips

Why drink out of a glass, when you can upgrade to a drink out of a urinal bottle?!

Upgrade your meal to include poo shaped/coloured ice-cream.


Ximen restaurant

Shilin restaurant

Located Nearby

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