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Although the 228 Peace Memorial Park cannot compete with Daan Forest Park in terms of size, it is the most beautiful park in Taipei.

228 Peace Park

The park also serves as a reminder of one of the darkest and most painful periods in the country’s history – the 228 incident. Memorials and a small museum can be found within the park, commemorating the victims of the incident and detailing the events which took place.

228 Peace Memorial Park

Constructed around the turn of the 20th century and originally named simply Taipei Park, it was converted into a memorial in 1996 to remember the victims of the 228 incident.

Apart from the 228 museum and monument, the park features pavilions, ponds and a small amphitheatre.

228 Peace Park Map
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The main building of the National Taiwan Museum, one of the best museums in Taipei, can also be found in the park.

National Taiwan Museum
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The 228 Memorial Monument sits at the centre of the park to commemorate the victims of the incident. It has a number of features designed to serve as both a reminder to the incident and to aid healing.

The cube-shape design is to symbolise rebuilding order after the 228 Incident.

228 Peace Park

The rod at the top of the monument was actually removed from a crane previously in Port of Keelung. Troops which came from mainland China were sent there first, and thus much of the suppression began in Keelung.

28 February is now a national public holiday, called Peace Memorial Day. The Memorial Bell here is rung on the anniversary of the incident each year.

228 Peace Park Memorial Bell

Apart from the memorial, the most eye-catching feature of the park is the Cui Heng Chamber. The lake around the impressive chamber includes some fountains.

The arched-bridge pond towards the north of the park is inhabited by many koi and Chinese turtles.

While the park is a beautiful place to walk around, it’s also a very humbling experience knowing that some of the worst events actually took place on the site of the park.

228 Incident

Also known as the February 28 incident, it marked the start of the darkest period in Taiwan’s history called White Terror, which saw an anti-government uprising violently suppressed by the then government, the KMT.

The white terror lasted for almost 40 years after the incident in 1947. Martial law prevented citizens from expressing their rights or doing anything which was deemed a threat to the KMT’s authoritative rule. Many thousands were either killed, imprisoned or went missing.

It wasn’t until 1995 that the incident was officially recognised by the government, and ever since, Taiwan has been making steps towards learning from the tragic period and openly mourning the victims.

Taipei 228 Memorial Hall

The Taipei 228 Memorial Hall is a museum focusing on the events leading up to the incident and why it happened.

The building in which the museum resides played an important role in the 228 Incident. Once a national radio station, citizens stormed the station after the incident to publicly broadcast the events which took place.

While the museum has many interesting sections, only some of these are in English, so I would recommend renting the free headsets available at the entrance.

The museum’s other aim is to reflect and educate. One of the windows of the museum looks out onto an area in the park where one of the worse shootings took place. This is now a shrine some of the many people who lost their lives.

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Opening Hours

Taipei 228 Memorial Hall
10:00 – 17:00
Closed on Mondays


Taipei 228 Memorial Hall
Free for those under 12 or over 65

Traveller Tips

The 228 Peace Memorial Park is located in what used to be the most affluent area of Taipei, and as such there are many fine buildings located in the vicinity.

The Taipei Guest House, Presidential Office and Taiwan University Hospital buildings are all within 5 minutes walk of the 228 Peace Park, while the mighty Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is less than 10 minutes away.

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Click here to read more about the Presidential Office

You can see these as part of a walking route I have devised:

Taipei Walking Tour Map (Zhongzheng District)
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Closest MRT: NTU Hospital (red line – exits 1 or 4)

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