Supermarkets & Delis with Great Western Produce

Supermarkets such as PX Mart and Wellcome have a few western products on their shelves, but there are some supermarkets and delis which are great for buying not only produce from the west, but high quality local produce too.

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Addiction Aquatic Development Deli

Addiction Aquatic Development is not only one of the best places to dine in Taipei, but it also has it own super little deli with a great selection of produce. Aside from seafood, it sells dairy produce and very fresh vegetables at a competitive rate.

City Super

City Super is usually the first place I visit when I’m looking for some less popular western ingredients and food. The Hong Kong retail chain has a few locations in Taipei, with the Fuxing Sogo store most conveniently located while stocking a large range of products.

IKEA Supermarket

The two IKEA stores in Taipei both have a small but great supermarket that’s stocked with western drinks, snacks, tinned, and frozen food. Much of it is of imported from Sweden, and their range of drinks and frozen fish are alone worth going for.

Jason’s Supermarket

Jason’s Market Place has a number of well-located stores in the centre of Taipei. Much like City Super, they sell a wide range of western produce imported from many countries.

Maji Deli

Maji Square, which is found within the Taipei Expo Park, has it’s own deli which is crammed full of high quality produce. While the deli does perhaps have most local than western products on it’s shelves, it’s all top-grade stuff.

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  1. Thanks for the good information. Mostly a confirmation of what I already knew, although I had never heard of ADDD before. Thanks for posting.

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