The Best Cinemas in Taipei (with Links to Showtimes)

Taipei has dozens of cinemas located throughout the city. Most are multiplex and show mainly blockbuster and other commercial films, while there are some great independent cinemas catering to more eclectic tastes.

For those looking for an audio/visual feast, there are a handful of IMAX screens, and for those who need an extra sense-ation, some screens are equipped with seats that move and vibrate, and even have wind or other effects.

Below are handpicked cinemas (in no particular order), based on quality, comfort, price and film variety.

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Best Cinemas Overview

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Vie ShowXinyi4DX NTL17$$link
Vie ShowBanqiaoIMAX10$$link
Vie Show MuvieXinyiXL LUX THX8$$$link
AmbassadorXimenXL DBOX ATMOS3$$link *
AmbassadorZhongshanWORLD15$$link *
in89XimenLUX ATMOS8$$link
MiramarNeihuIMAX LUX15$ / $$$link **
ShowtimeZhongshan LUX14$link
The SpotHuashanWORLD2$link
The SpotZhongshanWORLD2$link

* Need to click on tab near top for showtimes
** Need to select cinema from drop down list

IMAX – IMAX screen
LUX – Deluxe seating available
WORLD – Shows world and independent films
ATMOS – Dolby ATMOS sound available
THX – THX sound available
DBOX – Seats that move and vibrate available
4DX – Like DBOX but with other effects such as wind and mist
XL – Extra large screen
NTL – Shows National Theatre Live productions


Best Multiplex Cinemas

Vieshow (Xinyi)

VieShow Xinyi

Click here for showtimes at Vieshow Xinyi

Located in Xinyi near Taipei 101, this VieShow cinema resides in the ATT For Fun shopping complex.

With the most number of screens in Taipei, it shows a wide range of films, although some of these tend to be local and other Asian films that don’t have English subtitles. It is the only cinema in Taipei that show West End/Shakespearean National Theatre Live productions.

One of it’s auditoriums has 4DX seating, which not only moves and vibrates, but has mist/wind and other effects to heighten your experience.

Best For

  • Variety
  • Immersion
  • British theatre productions




Xinyi District (Closest MRT: Taipei 101 – exit 4)

Vieshow Muvie – Xinyi

Muvie Xinyi Cinema

Click here for showtimes at Vieshow Muvie Xinyi

Another cinema located within the Xinyi Shopping District, this Vieshow Muvie is found on the 10th floor within the new Far Eastern A13 mall.

With a total of 8 screens, there are 2 screens in particular that give viewers a great experience. The Titan auditorium features an extra large screen with laser projection and THX sound, while the Mucrown auditorium has luxurious twin leather seating, charging plugs and optional blankets.

Best For

  • Audio/Visual
  • Comfort




Xinyi (Closest MRT: Xiangshan – exit 2)

Vieshow (Banqiao)

Vie Show Banqiao

Click here for showtimes at Vieshow Banqiao

Located a few stops down the blue MRT line in Banqiao and found in the huge Mega City shopping complex, this Vie Show cinema has one of the few IMAX screens in Taipei.

With 9 screens and a great food and beverage range, it offers a comfortable and great viewing experience.

Best For

  • IMAX
  • Food and beverages




Banqiao District (Closest MRT: Banqiao – exit 2)

Ambassador (Ximen)

Ambassador Ximen

Click here for showtimes at Ambassador Ximen

Click tab near top to see listings

With just 3 screens, the Ambassador (Ximen) doesn’t have a great choice, showing only blockbusters, but it does boast one of the best screens in Taipei.

It’s only the main screen you should come here for. The audio/visual is superb, with some films using the Dolby Atmos sound system.

General seating is very comfortable. They have D-Box seating available too, which moves and vibrates to the films visuals and sound (costing extra). The D-Box seats have 4 settings to adjust the intensity of the seat movements, and on the highest setting they really have a significant impact.

Best For

  • Audio/Visual
  • Blockbusters


D-Box *NT$560NT$630

* Drinks and popcorn included in the price of D-Box seats


Ximen (Closest MRT: Ximen – exit 1)

Ambassador (Zhongshan)

Ambassador Cinema Taipei

Click here for showtimes at Ambassador Zhongshan

Click tab near top to see listings

With 15 screens, the Ambassador (Spring Centre) shows arguably the widest range of films. Aside from the independent cinemas, this branch of Ambassador shows the largest selection of cinema from around the world.

Some screens are very small, with as few as 33 seats, while the main screen is a good size. The smaller screens do still offer a very good viewing experience though.

The seats are comfortable and the screen/sound quality is very good throughout.

Best For

  • World cinema
  • Variety
  • Good deals on snacks



Pay just NT$20 extra for popcorn and drink when purchasing tickets


Zhongshan District (Closest MRT: Songjiang Nanjing – exit 7)

In89 (Ximen)

In89 Ximen

Click here for showtimes at In89 Ximen

The In89 cinema in Ximen has 8 screens, with their main screen offering VIP seating that reclines. There are also double reclining seats available for couples in 3 of the cinema auditoriums.

The seats are comfortable and the screen/sound quality is very good throughout, although many of the screens here are of a smaller size.

Best For

  • Comfort
  • Sound




Ximen (Closest MRT: Ximen – exit 6)

Miramar (Neihu)

Miramar Neihu

Click here for showtimes at Miramar Neihu

Select cinema from drop-down list

There are 2 Miramar cinemas in close proximity within the Neihu area of Taipei.

The main Miramar cinema complex is found within the shopping complex with the Ferris Wheel and boasts the largest IMAX screen in Taipei. With 12 other good sized screens, it shows a good variety of films from blockbusters to independent.

The Miramar Royal Studios are located just across the road and has only two screens. It offers a more luxurious experience with the most comfortable seating in Taipei cinemas – the seats here can recline almost horizontally.

You can even order food from the cinema Bistro and they will serve it to you before the film starts.

This does come at a cost though, probably being the most expensive seats in Taipei, but if your film is over 2.5 hours it does make it a much more comfortable experience.

Best For

  • IMAX
  • Reclining seats


Royal StudiosNT$650NT$750


IMAX: Neihu District (Closest MRT: Jiannan – exit 3)
Royal Studios: Neihu District (Closest MRT: Jiannan – exit 2)

Showtime (Zhongshan)

Showtime Cinema Zhongshan

Click here for showtimes for Showtime Zhongshan

One of the cheapest Cinemas in central Taipei, Showtime (near Zhongshan MRT) offers comfortable seating with a great viewing experience and 14 screens.

You can also purchase tickets which come bundled with snacks and drinks for just a little extra.

The VIP Baijing screen has extra comfortable seats that come with a blanket and unlimited free drinks, plus it has it’s own waiting lounge.

Best For

  • Price
  • Comfort



NT$30 extra for a drink and popcorn


Zhongshan District (Closest MRT: Zhongshan – exit 3)

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